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Kosh's Desert Story

In the mid 70s, Kosh, newly arrived from London, rented a muscle car from Hertz and, with his wife and infant son, headed west from Chicago - a trip across the vast United States. Somewhere in the Mojave Desert he lost contact with the road and the car went axel-deep into the sand. Luckily, soon thereafter, a band of Hells’ Angels came to the rescue and lifted the car off the sand and dropped it back on the pavement. After sharing a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, they did a triumphant farewell and rode off into the horizon. Down the road apiece, Kosh arrived at a small, dusty town: Landers. It was nothing more than an airstrip, a greasy spoon cafe, a giant boulder and a strange, geodesic dome. Inside the cafe, he was intrigued to see taped on the wall Polaroids of flying saucers hovering over the desert. (There was no Photoshop in those days). Were they really flying saucers or just hubcaps skating across the sky? The waitress told him that the Big Rock was a beacon for flying saucers. The dome was built by a local scientist who had apparently received instructions from the "saucer people" on how to build a time machine. After it was completed, he went inside. A few days later, the curious townspeople broke inside and, of course, he had disappeared.

This was when the idea for LANDINGS was born.

Ten Worlds Productions

Principals are Kosh and Susan Shearer. Kosh and Shearer were the production design team on SEX AND THE SILVER SCREEN for Showtime. They achieved critical acclaim for their work on THE LAST DAYS OF KENNEDY and KING for Turner and the ten hour documentary, 100 YEARS -100 MOVIES for the American Film  Institute, TNT and CBS. Ten Worlds was the production design team for the award winning show, MASTERS OF PRODUCTION, a spectacular look at the history of art direction in the movies and CALIFORNIA CONNECTED, a dynamic weekly news program for KCET, Los Angeles. They received the highest ratings for their groundbreaking work on THE RISE AND FALL OF THE [BERLIN] WALL for The History Channel and produced and directed a highly successful, 13-part series of DECLASSIFIED documentaries. Subjects included “John Lennon v. the INS”, “The Tet Offensive” and revealed controversial new material about Charles Lindbergh, Joseph Stalin and World War 1. These shows interviewed US presidents, top echelon politicians, past and present - all over-layered with rarely seen archival footage, innovative graphics and searing heavy metal soundtrack by Blackie Lawless. Recently they produced a short film, CASTING ALL CORPSES, written by and starring Susan Shearer. The film won the Best Comedy Short at the 2018 Hollywood Reel Film Festival and was awarded Special Mention in the London World-Wide Comedy Short Film Festival. Ten Worlds is proud to announce their latest production LANDINGS, a short film directed by Cameron Watson with screenplay by Steve Cubine and starring Susan Shearer, Cody Mayo, Newell Alexander and Connor Kelly. LANDINGS had its world premiere at the 2019 London International Filmmakers Festival and has played film festivals all over the country.

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